Portraits, Music, and Writing.

About Me.

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Peace! I'm Craig. Nice to meet you.

I photograph the moments the fake smile fades, either falling into a resting face, or breaking into a real laugh. because that's when you get the full story. There's pain and joy, love and loss, anxiety and confidence, a whole world behind their eyes. The mask falters and, for one brief moment, you can see it. You can see their real self. I love photographing people and sharing my work with them; it let's us both keep that intimate moment. I love the creative culture that cities tend to foster, but when people think of cultural hubs they think of New York or LA. That's why I use photography, music, and writing to shine a brighter spotlight on Virginia's creative community, with a particular focus on the cities I love and live in; Norfolk and Virginia Beach. When I'm not editing photos, I'm probably at a concert or Downtown taking them for some awesome local artist or business owner.

I'd love to help you attract clients, customers, and fans, or capture a moment forever by photographing you and what you create!


I’m heavily inspired by emotion and music, and super nostalgic for the music that changed my life. So here, I made you a mix-tape!